Sky Technology Summit, 12 September 2017

Scott Rose

SVP & CTO, SDI Media

Scott Rose leads the research and development group at SDI Media, and is responsible for the company’s technology portfolio and vision.

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Scott has spent the past 20 years developing production and workflow technologies concentrating on the creation of subtitling, dubbing and language assets for the global marketplace.

In this effort, he has also worked closely with the major entertainment technology and standards groups, providing timed-text playout requirements and testing for Digital Cinema, DVD, Blu-ray and a variety of Digital Media Platforms.

Scott has a deep passion for language and technology, and is considered by his peers and colleagues as one of the world's leading experts in localisation for entertainment content, a distinction he will tell you has come by way of default rather than design.

Tech Summit

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Sky's Tech Summit 2017 is a one-day, invite-only event taking place at the Sky HQ campus in London