Sky Technology Summit, 12 September 2017

Matt Heiman

CEO & Founder, Diagonal View

Matt is a London-based entrepreneur. He is the CEO and Founder of Diagonal View, a leading digital video producer. The business was recently acquired by Sky PLC. The leading channel, AllTime10s, generates over 1.5 million views per day and is available in 10 languages worldwide

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The second largest channel is Football Daily, second only to FC Barcelona in YouTube traffic. The company also manages content for Viacom, The Olympics, Sony Music, Warner Music, ITN and Perform Group. 

Diagonal View-produced content just passed 150 million views per month. In addition it manages assets with over 2 billion views per month.

Tech Summit

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Sky's Tech Summit 2017 is a one-day, invite-only event taking place at the Sky HQ campus in London