Sky Technology Summit, 12 September 2017


Sky Tech Summit 2017 was produced by Sky Technology and hosted by Sky UK. Project Manager: Daniella Dean. Executive Producer: Graham Lovelace

07.30 REGISTRATION, BREAKFAST, SKY CENTRAL 08:00 – 08:40 BREAKFAST WORKSHOP: Integrating Voice Interaction With TV

Learn how Sky brought voice search to its advanced TV platform Sky Q by working with specialist partners

CHAIRED BY: Dave Cameron, Director of Product Experience, Sky

Simon Driscoll, Head of Search & Discovery, Sky
Charles Dawes, Senior Director, International Marketing, TiVo
Dan Valcour, Director, Platform & Solution Architecture, Nuance

Anna Jones, Presenter, Sky News
Colin McQuade, MD, Group TV & Digital Platforms, Sky

08:55 – 09:15 MORNING KEYNOTE: The changing face of television

Jeremy Darroch, Group Chief Executive Officer, Sky 
IN CONVERSATION WITH Emma Lloyd, Group Director Business Development & Strategic Partnerships, Sky

  • Where does technology fit within Sky’s over-arching strategy?
  • How is technology changing the way Sky engages with its customers?
  • What impact has technology had on the TV and entertainment industry?
  • How is the competitive landscape changing?
  • In which new technology areas is Sky investing, and why?
09:15 – 10:00 PANEL: Giving viewers what they want

Mai Fyfield, Chief Strategy & Commercial Officer, Sky
Ben McOwen Wilson, EMEA Director, YouTube
Daniel Danker, Product Director, Facebook
Nigel Walley, CEO, Decipher

  • What do customers want from their TV and video service? How is that changing?
  • The impact of SVOD on viewing and pay-TV: what’s the real story here and around the world?
  • How are linear TV channels performing? Will linear channels survive? Are apps the future of TV?
  • IP distribution: what are the strategic benefits for service providers and broadcasters?
  • How is behavioural data driving new insights, new business models? Who owns the data?
10:00 – 10:15 PRESENTATION: Raising the sound bar – advances in TV audio
Quentin Sannié, Co-founder & CEO, Devialet

INTRODUCED BY: Luke Bradley-Jones, Chief Marketing Officer, UK & Ireland, Sky

  • What role does sound play in delivering a premium TV experience?
  • Why does miniaturised sound represent the next revolution in TV?
  • How does advanced sound create an immersive experience? 
10:15 –
10:45 -
PANEL: AI And Machine Learning – New Opportunities For Media And Entertainment

Ali Davis, Industry Leader for Telco, Media & Entertainment, IBM
Jeff Kember, Technical Director, Media, Google
Gary Davey, MD Content, Sky

  • How is AI and machine learning helping content producers?
  • Can machines create compelling art and music?
  • Why is storytelling still a massive challenge for machines?
  • Can AI predict a commercial and critical success? 
  • How are tech giants partnering with the creative community?
10:35 – 11:25 WORKSHOP: Achieving DTH Broadcast Quality Over IP Delivery

Discover how Sky is working with best-of-breed partners to devise breakthrough solutions.

CHAIRED BY: Mark Noble, OTT Delivery Manager, Sky

Colin Sladen, Head of Platform Technologies, TV Engineering, Sky
Andrew Horne, Solutions Architect EMEA, AWS Elemental
Pedro Salvado, Strategic Engagement Manager, Akamai Technologies
Cyrille Berson, Product Line Manager, Ericsson
Ed Haslam, CMO, Conviva

11:30 –
PANEL: VR & AR – The New Reality

Neil Graham, Executive Producer, Sky VR Studios
Sol Rogers, CEO, Rewind
John Cassy, CEO and Co-founder, Factory 42

  • What’s the difference between VR & AR?
  • What are the production challenges?
  • Which content genres present the greatest challenges? How are these being overcome?
  • How is VR changing the way stories are told?
  • Is this the future of TV? Or something else?
11:35 – 12:10 WORKSHOP: Programme Discovery – Curation Versus Personalisation

What can I watch, now? Hear the latest thinking on the benefits of human curation versus algorithmic recommendations in guiding content selection.

CHAIRED BY: Hubert Behaghel, Head of Technology, Discovery Platform, Sky

David Mercer
, Principal Analyst, Strategy Analytics
Julia Barry, Director of On Demand, Sky
Jian Li, Principal Data Scientist, Sky
Devi Lozdan, Senior Product Manager, NOW TV

12:15 –
PANEL: Combating Piracy – How The Industry Is Fighting Back 
Andrew Griffith, Group Chief Operating Officer, Sky 
Kieron Sharp, Director General, FACT 
Liz Bales, CEO, BASE and Industry Trust for IP Awareness
Matthew Cope, Deputy Director, IP Enforcement at IPO

  • How serious a threat is content piracy to pay platforms?
  • How big an issue is it in the markets in which Sky operates?
  • How are these challenges being addressed by Sky?
  • How is the media and entertainment industry collaborating on this?

13:30 – 14:15 WORKING LUNCH: Automating The Content Supply Chain

Find out how cost and other efficiency gains are being achieved through greater automation in the supply chain.

CHAIRED BY: Matthew Hopkins, Director of TV and Digital Platforms Strategy & Planning, Sky

Darren Long, Director of Sky Production Services
Jason Taperell, Principal Architect, Content Systems, Sky
Scott Rose, SVP & CTO, SDI Media
Josh Wiggins, Chief Commercial Officer, GrayMeta

14:30 – 14:50 AFTERNOON KEYNOTE: Going all-in, the Deliveroo way
Will Shu, Co-founder & CEO, Deliveroo
  • How did tech start-up Deliveroo go from an idea to a multinational business in four years?
  • How has Deliveroo expanded its operations, and scaled its business?
  • Why is it vital for entrepreneurs to go all-in?
14:50 – 15:10 PRESENTATION: A Beautiful Friendship - Tech’s Continually Evolving Relationship With TV Sport

Barney Francis, MD, Sky Sports

  • How has technology transformed TV sport production? How has Sky led the way?
  • Which technologies have had the major impact on the viewing experience?
  • What risks are sports fans taking when they access illegal online streams?
  • What is the impact of latest innovations: UHD, VR?
  • What are the emerging sports video technologies and their likely impact?
15:10 – 16:00 PANEL: How Sports Start-ups Are Scoring Points With Viewers

CHAIRED BY: Hannah Brown, Head of Business Development (Sport), Sky

David Gandler
, CEO, fuboTV
Matt Heiman, Founder, Diagonal View
Aidan Cooney, CEO & Co-founder, InCrowd Sports
Nicholas Horbaczewski, CEO, Drone Racing League

  • Why is Sky investing in new sports platforms and production companies?
  • How are sports viewing tastes and habits changing? How is technology enabling this?
  • How did fuboTV build its streaming sports video platforms? What were the rights issues?
  • How does Diagonal View and InCrowd Sports build fan bases and engage with communities?
  • How is the Drone Racing League building an international brand? What have been the major technology challenges?
16:00 – 16:30 NETWORKING BREAK  
16:30 – 16:50

PRESENTATION: What's The Big Deal With Big Data?
Patrick Miceli, Director of Software Engineering, Sky
WITH: Jian Li, Principal Data Scientist, Sky

  • What is Big Data? How is it enabling a 360° customer view and driving content discovery?
  • Why does a 360° view matter?
  • What are the challenges? How is Sky's technology approach addressing these?
16:50 – 17:45 PANEL: Leading TV’s Transformation - What’s Next?

CHAIRED BY: Didier Lebrat, Group Chief Technology Officer, Sky
JeanDavid Blanc, Founder & CEO, Molotov
Jeff Binder, CEO, Layer3 TV
Conrad Clemson, SVP/GM, SP Platforms & Applications (SPPA), Cisco

  • How are TV and video platforms responding to ever-changing customer needs?
  • What elements of the user experience will be most important in driving demand? 
  • Which platform features will facilitate more rapid innovation? 
  • Are platforms disrupting existing content production and distribution models? 
  • What are the characteristics of a winning platform? 
17:45 – 18:00 CLOSING REMARKS:

Stephen van Rooyen, CEO, UK and Ireland, Sky